Bracenet RECYCLED bracelet - Atlantic Sea

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Recovered: May 2016
Color: Yellow/blue
Net: Around 5mm thick ghost net made out of HDPE (high density polyethylene - PLASTIC).
Clasp: Engraved Bracenet logo

Handmade from real RECYCLED ghost fishing nets. These same ghost fishing nets were abandoned or lost in the ocean only to harm marine life as get tangled in them. The BRACENET team recovers them from the ocean, cleans them & turns them into bracelets saving countless marine life from harm. Each bracelet is unique and can differ slightly optically and in size due to the different net mesh quantity and sizes. Each comes with the location, month & year recovered. BRACENET partners with Healthy Seas, Ghost Fishing and Nofir Foundations to create this awareness bracelet - MADE IN GERMANY.


small (19cm)

medium (21cm)

large (22cm)

Clasp colors may be differ.

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