About Us



Beaches Go Green provides awareness and education around the waste that we produce and how it affects our planet – particularly single-use items and plastic pollution in our oceans.  We aim to simplify complex environmental issues so that everyone can make sense of them and make changes in their own lives for the better of the planet.


We are your friends, neighbors, coworkers, favorite local businesses, and city employees that care about our planet.  We live and work at the beach. Our beaches and oceans matter to us!


Beaches Go Green offers awareness and educational opportunities to our community and beyond, including speaking engagements, a free Movies that Matter series with the NFL USGBC that shows environmental documentaries, educational single-use plastic art installations at Deck the Chairs, partnering with local businesses and events to encourage less waste, and environmental PSAs on social media and in our local papers. Our goal is to encourage better habits resulting in less waste. We always encourage REUSABLE over single-use.

Our Mission

Beaches Go Green, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, aims to create awareness and education around the waste that we produce and how it impacts our planet. With a focus on single-use plastics and our oceans, we are encouraging people to take small steps to decrease their plastic consumption. We focus on practicing the 4Rs: refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle.


2019 A Chair Award - Sea Turtle Chair Creative Award

2019 Beaches Watch Give-Back Donation

2019 Deck the Chairs - Best in Show

2019 Jacksonville Environmental Protection Board (JEPB) - Environmental Achievement Award

2019 Keep Jacksonville Beautiful - Environmental Organization Award

2019 PV Cultural Center - Arts Education and Advocacy Award

2019 Void Magazine - #1 Non-Profit in the 904

2018 Deck the Chairs - Creative Appreciation

2019 Annual Report

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Annual Summary 2019 Cover