School Clubs

Our Mission

The mission of the Beaches Go Green High School club is to provide environmental education to high school students who then in turn act as green ambassadors and teach those same eco-friendly lessons to partnered elementary & middle schools.  In addition, BGG provides other volunteer opportunities to high school students through our Beaches Go Green (BGG at large) events.

Beaches Go Green will strongly support the right schools to spread education and awareness in our community.  BGG is limiting the number of High School clubs due to the amount of resources and management required to execute successful programs.  We would consider launching at YOUR SCHOOL after great discussion and reassurance that your school has met the following guidelines.


  • Approval and support from school administration, including the willingness to excuse club members and teacher sponsors from a few class hours per semester in order to present eco-friendly lessons at partnered elementary schools.
  • Approval and support from a very active teacher sponsor(s) - due to the class time/teaching time missed presenting to the partnered elementary schools. We have found it beneficial to have more than one teacher sponsor so that they can alternate.  At least one teacher sponsor is required to attend club presentations off campus with the club students per most school administration rules.
  • Strong and VERY active student leaders to run the club.  The best student leaders will be organized, proactive, outgoing, inclusive of many types of students, willing to learn and willing to be supported.
  • Members should expect to be active and ALL members will be expected to contribute to supporting the mission.  Student BGG Clubs can coordinate additional activities for the club, within guidelines of the school, like community and beach cleanups, educational "Movies that Matter," partnerships/cooperation with other clubs within the school and other BGG clubs at other schools, and other eco-friendly initiatives within the school, etc.
  • An engaged parent liaison to help students and assist with follow up and planning, is requested (to work along with teacher sponsor as desired by teacher sponsor).
  • Students are expected to establish partnerships with at least two local elementary schools to spread educational messaging.  BGG can help with this too!

COVID Modifications

Instead of doing "in person" presentations to partnered schools, we are asking the high school club to create fun environmentally educational mini-videos to be shown within the schools.  Videos are posted on the Beaches Go Green YouTube Channel (you can see samples in the PLAYLIST:  YOUTH EDUCATION VIDEOS.  If possible, the club will create two mini-videos, two to five minutes long, per month to share.  BGG will help with topics and content ideas and train you on basic environmental initiatives (including plastic pollution) so that students can express them in their videos. Videos are meant to be casual, fun, engaging and educational aimed at elementary students!

Other Things to Consider

  • What approval does your school require to start a club?
  • When is your FALL club fair?
  • Do you have a teacher sponsor that would agree to support you?
  • Are you willing to be an officer?  We generally need 1-2 officers to start a club then students would hold elections for other positions.
  • Are there any like-minded clubs at your school that you could partner with to increase your environmental reach?



plan & launch at school fair