Single Use Plastic Art:


Bottles on the octopus arms

Plastic bags in the jellyfish tentacles

in the Eel Toothbrush Garden

Bottles in the fabric covering the head of the octopus

Beaches Go Green (BGG) has done it again! Another powerful display that makes consumers think twice about purchasing a single use plastic bottle.

The mission for BGG is to get people thinking about the waste they produce and how it impacts the planet, particularly the consumption of single use plastic in our oceans. Our BGG Octopus Garden boasts an octopus that is more than 100' wide made from single-use plastics.

The head of the octopus is:

  • Covered in a fabric called REPREVE, made from 90% recycled materials
  • Contains more than 2500 single-use plastic water bottles

The arms of the octopus are:

  • Covered in 15,318 plastic bottles, which is the usage of 6.5 Americans annually

The jellyfish tentacles are:

  • Made from more than 700 single-use plastic bags.

The garden also has an Eel Toothbrush Garden with more than 4000 used plastic toothbrushes.

This single-use plastic art installation was created by our wonderful BGG volunteers, working hundreds of hours with the support of Artistic Contractors and Republic Services.

Since education is such a large part of BGG’s mission, we invited local schools to express their take on the plastic pollution crisis by offering space within the Octopus Garden to display smaller art installations created by each school. Each exhibit is constructed from all recycled materials. The school’s displays are Ponte Vedra High School’s shark, Ocean Palms Elementary’s sea otter, PV Rawlings’ sea turtle, and Landrum Middle’s lionfish.

We are hoping that the beautifully lit up display, and accompanying educational signage, will get people to think twice before consuming so many single-use items. We encourage the 4Rs - REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE (last by design).

You can view more event photos here.

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