Reusable Bottles for Sports

In an effort to reduce plastic pollution and improve the health of our student athletes, Beaches Go Green has created a Reusable Bottles for Sports Program!   Our program connects community sponsors with local sports teams and schools to provide custom logo'd REUSABLE SIC brand stainless steel water bottles with the intention that athletes will use them over single-use plastic beverage bottles.  We ask that the team/school make the bottles part of the required sports uniform and encourage their use as a team.  In addition, we ask that the team/school provide water refilling stations for the bottles at practices and games.

Drinking from REUSABLE stainless steel bottles is not only better for the environment but it's better for our health as plastic leaches dangerous chemicals into our food and drink.  Plastic molecules are not tightly bound together and are in a constant state of shedding.  Factors such as heat, oil and acidity can accelerate this shedding of plastic particles and its chemical compounds.  Chemicals, known as elastifiers, give plastic its characteristics of being flexible or rigid, etc.  Many of these chemicals are known endocrine disruptors which mimic hormones in our bodies and can be especially damaging to developing children and teens.  In addition to the endocrine disruptions, plastic molecules are known to disrupt the gut biome and negatively impact our immune systems.

As of October 2023, we have implemented over 35,000 REUSABLE Water Bottles through local teams with great participation and enthusiasm.  This program has saved a potential 1,168,128 plastic bottles from ending up in landfills. A few of the teams using our reusable SIC bottles are: all sports/athletes Ponte Vedra High School; all sports/athletes Fletcher Middle School, sports/athletes Nease High School Spring Sports, sports/athletes Ponte Vedra Athletic Association (PVAA at Davis/Cornerstone Parks) including lacrosse, soccer, wrestling, baseball & JDL football, YMCA Camp Immokalee summer campers and the Good Lad Soccer Beach Tournament 2021.  We are getting VERY positive feedback from partnered teams/schools that a) there is considerably less waste at practices and games b) the student athletes love the bottles with their team logos and are using the bottles well beyond just the sports fields!

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